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Tee Sponsorship

Sponsor a tee and receive complimentary golf vouchers to use with clients, colleagues, friends and family for FREE!


Premier Golf Promotions have partnered with a number of courses across the UK to offer local businesses an exclusive advertising opportunity that combines the power of advertising with ongoing corporate hospitality.


Your business can sponsor a tee sign, and will receive 4 ball golf vouchers to use all year round.


Partnering with Premier Golf Promotions is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


  1. Call us free on 0800 542 2133 to check availability and select your preferred course and tee.
  2. Our design team produces a sponsors plaque to promote your brand and services.
  3. We send your 4 ball golf vouchers for you to utilise across the coming 12 months.

Delivery Policy: Vouchers will be dispatched to the email address provided at time of order, (unless requested otherwise). They will be dispatched within 28 calendar days of receipt of payment.

TEMPLATE 1 (Click to see a preview)

TEMPLATE 2 (Click to see a preview)

TEMPLATE 3 (Click to see a preview)

TEMPLATE 4 (Click to see a preview)

Standard Templates (free with your tee sponsorship)


Bespoke Template Examples (£50 charge applies)

Tee Stand Sponsorship….What’s in it for you?



An effective way to promote your services to a local audience all year round.



Your 4 ball vouchers give you plenty of golf to entertain your clients, offer as gifts, and even enjoy the odd round with friends.



As a tee sponsor you get the opportunity to meet with other sponsors and business owners from the local area, which provides a great opportunity to network with fellow proprietors who may require your services.

Premier Golf Promotions have partnered with golf clubs across the UK to offer tee sponsorship and complimentary tee times to local businesses.


To find out how a combination of tee sponsorship and complimentary golf can work for your business

call our team free on 0800 542 2133 or email us here

Golf Clubs across the UK have partnered with  Premier Golf Promotions, and here’s why:


“They have fulfilled every part of the agreement on time and with enthusiasm. Premier Golf Promotions Ltd are a true partner, providing in addition to the excellent Tee Signs, support to our Marketing campaigns."


Mel Lockett

Club Captain - Eyemouth Golf Club

Call free on: 0800 542 2133

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