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For clubs who request tee signage, what happens next?


  1. Once the new agreement has been finalised and signed, Premier and the partner agree on a date for services commence.
  2. We purchase B2B data under license ready to  be launched to thousands of local business promoting the golf club and clubhouse facilities.  This data is refreshed yearly.
  3. We then schedule the tee sponsors campaign which typically allows 4 weeks for us to promote your golf club and it’s facilities to local businesses.
  4. After 50% of the sponsors have been secured, we instruct our joinery division to start work on your course furniture.
  5. When all sponsors are on board and stroke index artwork has been completed, we allow the course partner access to the dashboard service.
  6. All vouchers that are sent to the sponsors come with a list of Terms & Conditions which are designed to protect the club, its members and facilities
  7. We then contact the golf club to offer the complimentary marketing activity (which is available on-going all year round). This incudes data, design, fulfillment and post campaign reporting.


For Golf Clubs that do not own Tee Signage we offer the following two options:


Complimentary Partnership


Our most popular option, this is where golf clubs partner with Premier Golf Promotions and receive a range of products and services for no charge, in return for a four ball allocation to help attract local business sponsors.


This includes the supply of brand new tee signage and accompanying artwork, which clubs who enter into longer term agreements get to keep when the contract term expires.

Flexible options to suit the needs of your golf club


For Golf Clubs Tee Signage we offer the following two options:


  1. Signage for Sale: If you’re looking for hand crafted tee signage built to your specifications then look no further than Premier Golf Promotions. We stock and manufacture a range of tee signage and course furniture to suit the needs and budgets of all golf clubs. All of our signage comes with a 5 to 30 year guarantee, and includes professional design, print and installation of hole graphics in-line with your club’s branding and course specifications. We’re proud that our hand crafted bespoke designs can be manufactured based on the needs of our clients. Size, colour, graphics and materials can all be selected prior to manufacture, so you can be assured that the finished product is exactly as per your requirements.

  2. Complimentary Partnership: This can include the supply of brand new tee signage and accompanying artwork’, which clubs who enter into a longer term agreement when the contract term expires.

Premier Golf Promotions have partnered with golf clubs across the UK to supply a range of complimentary products and services, all of which are designed to increase awareness, footfall, membership and revenue.


To see how a partnership can work for your golf club call our team free on 0800 542 2133 or email us here

Golf Clubs across the UK have partnered with  Premier Golf Promotions, and here’s why:


“They have fulfilled every part of the agreement on time and with enthusiasm. Premier Golf Promotions Ltd are a true partner, providing in addition to the excellent Tee Signs, support to our Marketing campaigns."


Mel Lockett

Club Captain - Eyemouth Golf Club

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