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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Complimentary Course Furniture


Q: How many vouchers are issued per sponsor?

A: This is determined by various factors, including the cost of tee times, location and facilities, and the final number issued is ultimately agreed with the golf club itself.


Q: Are there any playing restrictions to protect busy periods?

A: Yes. Terms and Conditions are agreed with the club in advance and this information is issued to all sponsors .


Q: Can the vouchers be split?

A: No. The sponsor receives  a voucher for up-to 4 players and often you will find that only 2 or 3 players will attend.


Q: Will sponsors just turn up and expect to play with their vouchers?

A: No. It is made clear in the terms and conditions that they have to call the club first to pre-book.


Q: Are sponsors allowed to use their vouchers with larger groups?

A: If you are happy with this then yes, however we stipulate on our terms and conditions that groups of 8 or more must call ahead and pre-book food at the club itself.


Q: Who owns the Tee Signage?

A: Premier Golf Promotions own and maintain the signage with a complimentary package.  However, the signage becomes

 the property of the course partner at the end of a longer term agreement.



Premier Golf Promotions have partnered with golf clubs across the UK to supply a range of complimentary products and services, all of which are designed to increase awareness, footfall, membership and revenue.


To see how a partnership can work for your golf club call our team free on 0800 542 2133 or email us here

Golf Clubs across the UK have partnered with  Premier Golf Promotions, and here’s why:


“They have fulfilled every part of the agreement on time and with enthusiasm. Premier Golf Promotions Ltd are a true partner, providing in addition to the excellent Tee Signs, support to our Marketing campaigns."


Mel Lockett

Club Captain - Eyemouth Golf Club

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